Gil Heiman


Monday, July 21, 2003

Gil Heiman

660 16th Avenue, #3, San Francisco, CA 94118 Phone: (415) 831-2459


Publisher e-Business Team Mar. 04 – Sep. 04
· Implemented a new IBM Content Management System (CMS) across Schwab’s numerous web sites.
· Guided Schwab’s business units in utilizing the CMS tool to meet their distinct needs.
· Wrote business requirements documents that reflect the changes required by the business.
· Published and edited web content on several Schwab web sites.

CONTRACT WORK San Francisco, CA Independent Mar. 02 – Mar. 04
· Assisted Genentech with the migration to a web-based application for tracking employee training and learning.
· Developed a business proposal for an innovative new feature on eBay’s web site.
· Composed an internal sales tool for a large Bay Area software company.
· Consulted and prepared a software and hardware proposal for a retail chain seeking a POS system.
· Revamped an outdated property management system for a family business.

NETBOARDS INC. San Francisco, CA Founder Jan. 03 – Dec. 03
· Wrote a business plan for Netboards: a company offering a new form of entertainment to the consumer market categorized as “Reality-based Board Games”.
· Prepared the materials required to launch Netboards and attract seed investors and business partners.

EFFECTIVE REWARDS INC. (ERI) Mountain View, CA Product Manager Sep. 00 – Mar. 02
Development and Marketing of Web Self-Service HRIS software applications for global enterprises
· Led development of ERI FocalPoint Suite applications from Concept Definition through General Availability.
· Gathered product requirements, incorporating customer feedback, a functional analysis of the competitive landscape, identification of the target customer base, and the desired points of competitive differentiation.
· Prioritized feature requirements in collaboration with other business units to ensure alignment of product roadmap with overall corporate goals.
· Defined global product requirements and wrote Market and Product Requirements Documents (MRDs / PRDs).
· Worked with engineers, UI expert, QA team, and customer support to successfully launch product releases.
· Developed and delivered marketing materials that reflected ERI’s positioning and messaging, including brochures, white papers, presentations, and product demonstrations.
· Held sole responsibility for creating the content and design of our corporate web site, including the coordination with the graphic design contractors and the human factor consultant.
· Communicated product feature benefits both within the company and to customers.

Project Management
· Managed entire alpha and beta programs including working closely with customers to develop acceptance criteria, test plans, bug tracking and monitoring process, and success criteria for passing into beta phase.
· Led and managed daily project status meetings between engineering, marketing and project management teams.

Corporate Strategy
· Extensive strategic interaction with Executive Staff, potential investors, strategic partners and board members.
· Initiated potential customer contacts and leads.
· Key participant in forecasting, new market identification, corporate messaging, and sales strategies.

Product Strategy Manager Sep. 99 – Sep. 00
· Identified new products and services that would enhance PwC internal operations as well as service offerings to clients as part of the expanding e-business division within the TLS Department.
· Evaluated emerging companies and their products and how they were likely to affect future revenue streams of the department’s core services.
· Conducted extensive research and analysis to determine future direction of the department’s service roadmap.
· Presented research findings to internal departments within PwC.
· Spearheaded a report related to tax implications on EBPP (Electronic Bill Pay and Procurement) and other online financial transactions.
· Assisted in determining feature, content and user interface requirements for the newly launched TLS web site.

Intern – Consultant Sep. 98 – May 99
· Created a viable TCO model for the $2 billion organization and determined the cost per desktop of Partner’s IS infrastructure and the components of that cost.
· Benchmarked IS costs to other industries to develop a standard.
· Prepared evaluation reports on planned or proposed new technology directions.

GATEAST INTERNATIONAL TRADING Tel-Aviv, Israel Business Development Manager Sep. 94 – Mar. 96
· Pursued business opportunities for Japan's sixth largest Trading House "Nissho Iwai" in Israel.
· Initiated negotiations and contacts in the high-tech arena and composed bi-weekly reports on technological and financial developments in the Israeli market.
· Administrated itineraries of Japanese officials visiting Israeli companies and facilitated meetings between representatives of the Japanese company and their Israeli counterparts.

General Manager and Partner 1991-1994
· Managed the operations of three bookstores located in Israel's leading hotels including the recruitment and supervision of ten staff members.
· Controlled inventory and all financial procedures including payroll, receivables and bank transactions.


Master of Business Administration and Master of Science May 1999
· Dual Degree in Information Systems and Business
· Boston University MIS Student Association, President
· Technical courses: HTML, Systems Analysis & Design, Networks, Operating Systems, E-Commerce, C, C++, Java, Client/Server and N-tiered Architectures, Relational Database Systems.
· Technical Knowledge: Solid understanding of web infrastructure technologies and web site design.

Bachelors of Arts in Far Eastern Studies May 1994
· Concentration in Japanese and Chinese languages and studies.
· Deans Honor List

YOSHIDA SCHOOL OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE Tokyo, Japan Modern Japanese 1990-1991


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